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Hene Pridedinorah

Program Manager
Phone: +32 9 398 8874
Email: pridyhene@devgrad.org
Hene Pridedinorah Batosor is a Cameroonian national based in Belgium and a development practitioner by experience. She has served in different development organization in different capacity driving social inclusiveness and promoting rural Development. At DveGrad, she organizes the programs and activities in accordance with the mission and goal of the organization as well as developing new programs to support the strategic direction of the organization. Prior to joining DevGRAD, Pride served as the community development officer with green forest foundation back in Cameroon alongside other voluntary positions and internships at the ministry of agriculture.

She worked under the ACEFA (Programme de Consolidation et de Perennisation du Conseil Agropastoral) project assessing strategies on poverty alleviation and improvement of livelihood on the families in the community and implemented through training of women on Agro pastoral importance as well as on managing and sustaining resources with the main aim of strengthening the representation capacity of the producers along the agricultural value chain. Her expertise cut across the capacity building and institutional development, women empowerment and poverty reduction. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Women’s Studies from the University of Buea, Cameroon, a Master degree in sustainable development from the Pan African Institute of Development West Africa, and an advanced masters in Development Management and Evaluation from the Institute of development policy, University of Antwerp. Pride speaks English fluently and basic French.