• E-mail: info@devgrad.org
  • Location: Uebergdreef 21, Lokeren 9160, Belgium


We provide a platform for networking opportunities, training & capacity building for African entrepreneurs, students and, diaspora professionals necessary for achieving sustainable…


At DevGRAD, we provide a platform for stakeholders in African project to forge genuine partnerships and work collaboratively across sectors in our thematic areas for ...


We fetch ideas and innovations across the South and the North that can be translated into actionable plans. Our organization is set out to fetch ...

About Us

DevGRAD Professional Network (DPN)

DevGRAD is a Belgium based non-profit and non-political Diaspora organization. The organization serves as an enterprise platform for African Diaspora and other African stakeholders to float ideas and innovation supported by a diaspora-driven partnership with international communities and social business network.

Who We Are

Our Vision
& Mission

Vision - We aim to provide a platform that strengthens multi-stakeholder partnerships across North and South in knowledge sharing, expertise, and collaboration towards the achievement of sustainable development goals.

Mission - To strengthen the capacity of African Diaspora professionals in promoting the sustainable social and economic development of Africa within the international development agenda.